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A Bad Case of the Clumps - Prevention

A Bad Case of the Clumps - Prevention

Have you ever gone to rub your meat and you've found yourself suffering a bad case of the clumps? It's the ultimate horror moment when you've got a Wagyu brisket sitting there just waiting for some rub love and all you've got is a jar of clumpy lumps. It's something every pitmaster faces at some point or another, but fear not we've got you covered with some practical (perhaps at times, odd) tips for keeping the clumps at bay.

Why does my rub clump?

The simple answer is moisture. Moisture from the atmosphere, especially in humid climates, or moisture from your cooking (are you guilty of sprinkling some rub over steaming hot food?) have gotten into your shaker and reacted with the ingredients to form hard lumps.

Ingredients such as salt, sugar garlic and onion are some of the biggest culprits for clumping as they love to draw in moisture. Depending on the ingredients, this makes some recipes more likely to clump than others.

Why don't you just add anti-caking agents?

We prefer not to use E number additives in our rubs and seasonings. Silicon Dioxide is the most commonly used and readily available anti-caking agent on the market and some people do have an allergy or intolerance to it. We make our rubs with the motto "just because we can, doesn't mean we should" so we choose to leave it out. 

Next time you are in the BBQ shop check out all the rubs with silicon dioxide listed as an additive (or other anti-caking agents), not all of them are clump free. 

So how do I stop my rub from clumping?

We thought you would never ask! As always prevention is better than cure, so here are some ways to prevent clumps from forming.

  1. Moisture Absorbent Sachets: Keeping your rubs fresh

We've all seen those moisture-absorbent sachets that come in the tortilla or wrap packets and other food packaging. Well, why not steal a few from your tortillas and sneak them into your seasoning stash? These little sachets can help keep your rubs dry, just change them over as they become hard and moisture logged.

2. Seal the Deal: Keep that lid closed

An often overlooked tip is keeping that lid closed, but lets face it those lids are not exactly airtight. So the secret? Do not throw away the tamper proof disc you get inside the lid when you first open the shaker. Re-insert it after use to keep your rubs free flowing and clump free. A little tedious perhaps but well worth the effort.

3. Keep 'em Cool, Keep 'em in the Dark: Pantry Party

The best place for your rubs is in a cool dark, dry cupboard or drawer. It might be convenient to keep them outside, or next to the cooker, but these are high moisture environments. 

4. Tub Love

If you do want to keep them in a high moisture environment, put them in a large airtight tub and if you want to go the whole hog throw a few moisture absorbent sachets in there too. This option means you can carry those bad boys around to wherever they are needed with ease too....dual purpose...winning!

5. Steam is Mean

If you want to shake some seasoning over hot food, tip the required amount into a small dish and season using that. Allowing steam to get into the shaker will undo all of your good working storing the rubs correctly.

So there you have it our guide to preventing the clumps! But if you find yourself in the nasty predicament of rubs with lumps, read our next blog post for tips on curing the clumps. 

Keep on rubbin'






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