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Our Story

Hi there!

We are Claire and Troy, the passionate creators and founders of Coast n Smoke.

Our life revolves around two things we hold dear: cooking and family. We find joy in creating delicious meals that bring loved ones together and create lasting memories. Our true passion lies in discovering new flavours and pushing the boundaries of taste.

Having grown up near the ocean, we have always felt a deep connection to the coast. It's where we feel most at home and where our inspiration thrives. That's why we chose to settle in the beautiful town of Torquay on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and the laid-back coastal lifestyle, we found the perfect backdrop for our culinary adventures.

Our journey into the world of BBQ began during a memorable trip to the United States. We stumbled upon a smokehouse and were immediately captivated by the flavours, techniques, and culture of American BBQ. It was a revelation for us—a whole new way of cooking and enjoying food. We couldn't wait to bring that experience back home.

After returning to Australia, we started experimenting with various BBQ techniques and flavor combinations. We invited friends and family to be our taste-testers, and their positive reactions fueled our drive to create something truly special. Through countless trials and tastings, we developed our own line of BBQ rubs and spice blends—products we are proud to share with you today.

We believe that food has a unique power to bring people together, whether it's a cozy family gathering, a weekend camping trip, a neighborhood BBQ, or a casual picnic. Our goal is to enhance those experiences by providing you with flavors that excite and elevate your meals. We want to be part of your journey, creating moments of culinary delight that leave a lasting impression.

At Coast n Smoke, we are committed to using the finest ingredients and crafting each blend with love and care. We are excited to be a part of your next adventure, where the tantalizing aroma of our BBQ rubs and seasonings will fill the air, and the taste will transport you to a world of incredible flavour.

Join us on this flavourful journey as we continue to explore, create, and share our love for cooking and family. Together, let's make every meal an unforgettable experience.

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