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Award-winning, authentic, Australian made BBQ rubs & seasonings


We're based in Torquay, Victoria. We use local suppliers and support services. Some of our ingredients are imported, however we use Australian grown ingredients where possible.

Artisan BBQ Rubs & Seasonings

Our rubs are verified gluten free. We believe chemicals belong in the laboratory, not on our food. We use all natural ingredients.

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Great Australian made product, fantastic packaging and fast delivery. We are really enjoying the flavous of the Coast n Smoke products gift box my wife ordered from you guys. The Bells Double Shot and 13th Apostle have been lovely and looking forward to trying The Rip tonight.

Jason K


Excellent customer service. Quick delivery, and great rubs.

Manni M


Ordering was fast...but the taste!! OMG the minute my husband openend each shaker to take in the aromas of each rub he decided to make jerky! Huge success. We moved from the Coast to QLD and still like supporting small businesses back home, definitely will be ordering again.

Jo Bosanquet


Recipes using our rubs & seasonings

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