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Succulent charred corn on the barbecue

Cajun Style Charred Corn

Spice up your dinner with this awesome side dish

This simple dish packs a lot of flavour and it’s quick and easy to add some pizzazz to a midweek dinner. We selected the Winki-POP Dust from our range to use as the spice base but the South West, The Rip, Zeally Seasoning, Drop-in Jerk or The 13th Apostle would all be equally as good to use. Winki-POP Dust has a Cajun inspired flavour which is why we chose it.

For a salsa or a salad, just slice the corn off the cob after cooking and you will have a really flavourful dish. The charring and spices added to the corn while cooking will provide the salsa or salad with a fantastic flavour and subtle smokiness.

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